Tributo a Rolling Stones en Benidorm Palace

It’s London…1962… and one of the most successful and critically acclaimed rock bands of all time is born. The Rolling Stones are rock and roll, an institution, pure and simple.

At the forefront of a cultural revolution, they transformed rock music. Their guitar riffs are the basis of all rock n roll. By 1963 the time was right, Mick’s lips, Mick’s hips, Keith and Brian’s pulsating groove and The Rolling Stones were fanning the flames of rebellion.

To celebrate the music of the world’s greatest rock and roll band The Rolling Stones Story tour hits the road in 2018 with a brand new production that will feature all the classic hits of the world’s most influential rock n’ roll band, allowing the audience to experience their incredible journey.

Mick Jagger lookalike Paul Ashworth says ‘…I basically had people pointing at me in the street from the age of 16 saying I looked like Mick. After doing some lookalike work on TV I went for some singing lessons. I asked if I could be trained to sound like Mick Jagger. After singing the first verse of Honky Tonk Woman the teacher said “you’re wasting my time you already look and sound like him”. It all went on from there really…the Stones pioneered British rock music in the 1960’s and we aim to faithfully recreate the excitement of a real Stones performance. That distinct sound, Mick strutting his stuff, Keith’s Chuck Berry style rock rhythm guitar riffing all complete with authentic costuming and stage set…’

The Rolling Stones Story is fast becoming a firm favourite and the most authentic tribute to Mick and the boys on the UK theatre scene today. This is a must see show for all lovers of rock ‘n roll. Some c’mon, Let’s Spend The Night Together.